The 189 Partimenti of Nicola Sala, Volume 2 (Partimenti Nos. 101–189)

“First as a student and later as a teacher, Sala spent most of his life associated with the conservatory in Naples known as La Pietà dei Turchini. That school’s tradition of teaching young musicians how to create beautiful, fluid counterpoint found its most complete expression in Sala’s many lessons. His partimenti are intended to represent rich tapestries of flowing voices, but the student performer is rarely given more than one voice at a time in notation. The other voices have to come from the performer’s memory and imagination. In the centuries after Sala, the art of such partimenti almost died away. But this new edition will play an important role in its revival.”

— Robert O. Gjerdingen, Author of Music in the Galant Style (Oxford, 2007)

“For the firrst time Sala’s highly revered partimenti are published in a scholarly impeccable edition. A turning point in partimento research.”

— Giorgio Sanguinetti, Author of The Art of Partimento (Oxford, 2012)

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